Connecticut General Assembly Passes Discount For Cash Bill, Also Reduces Gas Tax

We Are Making Progress!! Slow To Be Sure, But Progress Nonetheless.

Attorney Morgan has been working vigorously to support legislative change helping Gasoline dealers and Consumers of gasoline nationwide. Together with the Gasoline and Automotive Service Dealers of America, Inc., Attorney Morgan supported a new law recently enacted by the Connecticut General Assembly. The new law should provide some much needed relief from the obscene gas prices posted all over.

A new law known as Public Act 08-2 contains a number of provisions. Two provisions, in particular, were supported by Attorney Morgan. The first is the cancellation of the scheduled increase in the Connecticut Gross Receipts Tax. Although the results may be modest every bit helps in this trying time.

Of greater interest is a revision of Connecticut law to allow dealers to offer discounts for cash. Given that credit cards add at least 3% to the price of gas sold in the state, we hope that cash consumers will see discounts of up to Twenty Cents per gallon once the law takes effect.

Subsection (c) of section 42-133ff of the general statutes is repealed and the following is substituted in lieu thereof (Effective from passage):

(c) Nothing in this section shall prohibit any seller from offering a discount to a buyer to induce such buyer to pay by cash, debit card, check or similar means rather than by credit card. In furtherance of the legislative findings contained in section 42-133j, as amended by this act, no existing or future contract or agreement shall prohibit a gasoline retailer or distributor from offering a discount to a buyer based upon the method of payment by such buyer for such gasoline. Any provision in such contract or agreement prohibiting such retailer or distributor from offering such discount is void and without effect as contrary to public policy.

Link to State of Connecticut General Assembly Public Act No. 08-2

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